Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mancini complaining about the Premier League Schedule

LONDON - Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini complained about the tight schedule the Premier League today. In fact, he considered it is exactly what the cause of poor achievements of the England team.

He saw action with the schedule that must be acted The Citizens at this time. After they drew with Liverpool, and two days later directly play in the Champions Carling Cup against Arsenal, although eventually won with the score 1-0.

"Arsenal play Saturday, and we play Sunday afternoon. Monday we direct to London and we have to play Tuesday night," he said, as quoted by Sky Sports, on Wednesday (11/30/2011).

As a way out he was doing his squad rotation of the Cosmos, the foster children in order to avoid fatigue. "We will change the composition of players, because that situation is making us tired," said Mancini.

Former Inter Milan coach is accused tight schedule sebgai cause of poor Premier League squad for the Three Lions in the various competitions. "I think this is the reason why England always fail in the event the Euro or World Cup," he said.

However, he did not know what to blame anyone in the tight schedule, and he wants an explanation from the Premier League.

"We do not know whether to blame anyone for this, but the Premier League should provide an explanation. It is very important to continue playing, but so does the period of recovery, "he said.

"You need a maximum of three days rest and back play in the next game," he said.


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