Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barca Ambition: Overtake Real Madrid Before Pause

BARCELONA - How two cars racing Formula One (F1) on the track, Barcelona and Real Madrid are now beginning to engage in a fierce fight to the finish, La Liga champions. Barca are now eager to overtake El Real, ahead of the holiday season was in mid December.
Calculation of the standings to 13th jornada, Barca are still scattered in the order of two, three points adrift of Real Madrid at the top of the standings. However, Barca have a great opportunity to be coup Madrid from the top of the standings in four games, including the El Clasico match on 11 December.
The first experiment will be carried out Barca when they travel to the headquarters Getafe this weekend. The victory will make the Barca match Madrid collection points. But the condition, in the previous game Atletico Madrid, Los Merengues rivals should be able to make his elder brother languishing in El Madrileno derby at Santiago Bernabeu.
"This is an important target. We know, we've lost a few points, but our target is to continue to maintain a level (the best) and closer (standings). Klafisikasi end will describe what you do on your opponent, "said Guardiola insisted his team is ready to overtake Madrid before El Clasico match, FIFA cited, Saturday (26/11/2011).
Getafe back into the game cons, Sunday (27/11/2011) early day, Barca beat Getafe able to predict who now inhabit the bottom of the standings. Because, in the last two seasons Barca are always able to reap the full amount either away or cage. However, Guardiola refused scenario.
"Getafe is still dangerous, they are teams that are always perched on the middle board. We had to perform with full focus and should not lose points again, "he continued euphoria confirmed a 3-2 victory over AC Milan should be continued.
"In this league (La Liga), are all vital. We must respect our opponents. All teams have the power, sometimes more than others and if we are not in a level of excellence, we could lose points, "added Pep believes competition in La Liga teams are quite competitive.


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