Wednesday, November 30, 2011

United knocked out, Fergie apologizes to fans

MANCHESTER - Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was surprised to see his team removed the second division club, Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup quarterfinal, early this morning. Scottish veteran coach was immediately cast his apology to the fans.
Throughout the United fans was very surprised to see his favorite team at Old Trafford collapse. That makes them disappointed, United was forced to lift a suitcase by a team located one level below them. Had a 1-1 draw in normal time, United must accept the reality failed to qualify for the semifinals, after Glenn Murray's header in the 99th minute, bringing the historic Palace win 2-1.
Ferguson, who in this game do at least 10 changes of the composition of its core players, can not say much. Coach of 69 years can only apologize to the fans and congratulated the successful Palace through four.
"Honestly, I do not know where to start. I apologize to the fans, because this is not the actual appearance of Manchester United, "said Sir Alex after the match.
"I do not want to say anything about the Crystal Palace. I only wish them success and hope that they can advance to the finals because it will be a fantastic thing. Every player they worked very hard to get through to the semis, "continued Ferguson praised the Palace, quoted by the Manchester Evening News, Thursday (12/01/2011).
"Obviously I'm disappointed," he concluded.
Goals kemenenangan Palace Murray scored a free kick after Darren Ambrose exploit in this game is a little offside. Then what is the response to Fergie about this?
"As the game goes into extra-time period, I think we should win. But unfortunately the other said. Problem their winning goal, from my glasses, I think the goal offside, "he added.
"Currently, we do not have benefited from the linesman, but I do not want to take anything from Crystal Palace. They've worked very kerad and they deserve to get this result, "he concluded.


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