Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cause of Death Speed ​​is Depression?

Cheshire - The tragic death of Gary Speed ​​still leaves a question mark given the process and manner of his death is not natural. What causes a great figure on and off the field to choose suicide?
According to police sources quoted by the media in the UK, Speed ​​was found hanged himself on Sunday (27/11) morning in the garage of his home in Huntington, England.
According to official police statement there was no suspicious signs of Speed ​​before these tragic events. Moreover, the day before, Speed ​​still appear in the program Football Focus on BBC television.
"Approximately 20 minutes before we broadcast on Saturday (26/11), he still Gary Speed ​​is normal for me. He was very enthusiastic about the prospect of Wales national team, optimistic, looks classy and neat. In my eyes, he looks more like a movie star, "said Gary McAllister, his teammate who also appeared in the Focus Football program.
Speed ​​himself lived in the house with his wife, Louise, her two children, and a dog. On Tuesday (29/11), the police will begin an investigation of this case.
However, it is suspected that the cause of the tragic death of Gary's speed is depressed remembering the same thing had happened to Robert Enke two years ago when he menabrakan into the train. It was presented former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker Stan Collymore.
"Why commit suicide? Because they lose faith, they overcome the problems with instant solutions, namely their own lives, "said Collymore.
Two British tabloid, The Sun and Daily Star has denied the rumors stating that they would reveal personal life Speed ​​as they have done to the prominent figures in the Land of the Queen Elizabeth.
"Gossip is simply not true. The Sun is currently investigating Gary Speed ​​in any way, "said The Sun in his official Twitter.
When Speed ​​did not have any shame that should be covered, then what is to encourage him to do senekat it?
"You'll never hear your teammates revealed that he has a problem and need help. I spent 14 years in the Liverpool dressing room and I had never experienced it. Locker room should be a place full of optimism and instead of opening the weakness, "said legendary former Liverpool defender Alan Hansen.
The most famous suicide in the world of English football is Justin Fashanu. He was the first black footballer to be transferred by 1 million pounds when he joined Nottingham Forrest in 1981.
Career Fashanu then faded as his confession that he was a homosexual and eventually found hanging in his garage in London in 1998 when aged 37 years.


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