Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barcelona defeated Getafe at Headquarters

Getafe - Come to Getafe, Barcelona that carries the expectation can reap the maximum number immediately initiated an open look. Unfortunately, the European Champions League champions had to give up with the score 1-0 at home to Getafe, Coliseum Alfonso, Sunday (11/27/2011) morning.
In the first half, the determination of David Villa, Lionel Messi and Alexis Sanchez proved successful at the Getafe defense dismantle the beginning of the fight. Although there is no goal is created, the face of superior Barcelona host.
Synergy slick Villa and Messi Xavi Hernandez helped make Getafe players dither current withstand attack. Agility Messi became the focus of attention Gatafe defender. Several times, the boy's miraculous escape from obstacles Getafe defender.
Lightning counter-attack to be mainstay Getafe moment to steal a goal in front of his own supporters. Only, their efforts have not met the target. Rather than appear pressing, Barcelona increasingly intense attacks increase. Thiago Alcantara had been given a compelling opportunity, while Getafe goalkeeper, Miguel Moya out of the nest.
Damn, the ball still not meet the target because it is too far off the crossbar. Josep Guardiola who was on the sidelines seemed busy giving instructions. Despite the flood of opportunities in the first half, Azulgrana still can not break the deadlock.
In the second half, unexpectedly stirring Gatafe whole Coliseum Alfonso Perez, their own home thanks to goals scored by Juan Valera through a corner kick header exploit Pablo Sarabia in 67 minutes. The cry was blaring out of the Getafe players.
Behind 1-0, Barcelona did not want to give up. They continued to apply pressure. Games from foot to foot is applied to Catalan children balance the position. Kans Barcelona was always wide open. But, given deserved two thumbs up thumbs up discipline and organization behind Getafe players plus the goalkeeper alacrity, Moya protecting the ball.
Various ways have been done Barcelona, ​​Getafe that appear attractive but the game featured an ultra defensive. Unable to dipungkuri, greatness Moya reading direction of the ball becomes Madrid distinctive wedge pack the perfect number.
Finally, Barcelona must return to the Nou Camp with bowed sluggish. With this defeat, the difference in points with Barca Real Madrid to six points further away. Barcelona is currently packing 28 points while the eternal rival has earned 34 points from 13 matches
COMPOSITION OF THE PLAYERSGetafe: 25-Moya, 20-Juan Valera, 2-D. Díaz, 3-Mane (5-Lopo'49), 15-Rafa, 22-Casquero, 21-Míchel, 17-Diego Castro, 6-M. Lacen, 8-Pablo Sarabia, 7-N. Fedor
BARCELONA: 1-Valdes, 22-E. Abidal, 2-Dani Alves, 19-Maxwell, 3-Pique, 6-Xavi, 16-Busquet, 11-Thiago Alcántara (15-S. Keita'65), 10-L. Messi, 7-Villa, 9-A. Sanchez


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