Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chelsea Fans Determine the fate of Andre Villas Boas

LONDON - Andre Villa Boas's career at Chelsea in the balance after failing to show satisfactory results so far. AVB fate now depends on the mood could be a fan. Although Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich still seems to be trying to give time, but his stance may change if the fans can not wait to see AVB lift the foot from Stamford Bridge.
Nahasnya, fans are now starting to openly show dislike towards AVB, especially when Drogba Cs disungkurkan Liverpool 0-2 in their own home. It was the third defeat in four matches at home at Stamford Bridge.
Anxiety supporters Scholari've made Big Phil sacked by Abramovich in 2009, just seven months after it docked at Chelsea headquarters. When it Scholari also can not get fans support.
This threat may already be aware Villas Boas. After losing 2-1 to Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League, Villas asks fans to inspire the players at Stamford Bridge.
"We need the fans behind the camp in this critical situation," he said. This request was again voiced by former coach of FC Porto after bendable Liverpool.
"You look at Stamford Bridge uneasy when we are playing at home but we need full support, it's the only way to establish the proper atmosphere. We have two heavy parties at home now, we need the fans behind us, "pleaded AVB quoted as saying by the Daily Star, Thursday (12/01/2011).
Abramovich himself still to be patient but the tone of disappointment clearly perceived the Russian tycoon. "For the Villas-Boas is currently safe," said one adviser Abramovic, but he acknowledged defeat of the City could be a crucial factor determining the future of 34-year coach.
In Group E Champions League, Chelsea perched on the runner-up. Leaves one game again, the same points with Valencia, 8.Sementara, in the Premier League, Chelsea 10 points adrift of the top standings City. If in the following schedule, Chelsea defeat, and the City achieve full points, then gapnya increasingly wide, 13 points.


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