Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Kenny is Liverpool, Liverpool is Kenny"

LIVERPOOL - Praise flowed from Pepe Reina on Liverpool's current coach, Kenny Dalglish. Resurrection Liverpool Liverpool performance and stability is the reason for Reina sing praise to Dalglish.

Dalglish was considered the most appropriate figure in the eyes of the Liverpudlian to replace Roy Hodgson last season. Request is granted because the Liverpudlian Dalglish was chosen to be the coach and the result now is the emerging performance of the Reds.

"We're all excited. I think now we find ourselves in a situation that is more stable. Kenny is one realization of the promise of the owner, and Kenny is Liverpool, Liverpool is Kenny, "Reina said as quoted by Goal, Wednesday (30/11/2011).

"He's become the best forever, so the fans are very happy and I think this team showed how the game is in the right track. Now we want to keep going and growing, "he added.
The Spanish national team goalkeeper seems to feel Liverpool are now dealt with the right people. Balance in the body of the spirit bear management for Reina to give the best for the team from the port city.

"We have found the right balance off the field with the determination of the owner to go ahead. Stability was already there (Liverpool management) and now live from our (players) gives the result (the best), "he said.


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