Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guardiola Reject Blame Players

Getafe - Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola refused to blame his players for the first defeat of Barcelona in La Liga this season stage. Yes, surprisingly El Barca should recognize the benefits of mid-table Getafe team with the score 1-0.

Barcelona finally had to bow the knee at the Coliseum Alfonso mere puppet goal by Juan Valera. Create a personal Gaurdiola his team has shown remarkable mental play. Pep rate there is nothing wrong with his side after passing a fitness game crucial counter AC Milan in the European Champions League stage in the middle of this week.

"We always have a purpose and usually we can achieve it. Even today, we produce a lot of chances and after three days will never be easy," said Guardiola told Marca on Sunday (11/27/2011) after the game.

"If you want to open game it's pretty simple, but tonight we can not. Not showing the team should be blamed, because they eat well and rest enough," added Guardiola.

Related difference in the six figures with Real Madrid, Guardiola tried to reassure fans of Barcelona. "There are still many games in the league. Today we should congratulate our opponents although I do not think they are better, because they have won the game."

"Overall we played very well. We know this defeat hurt and we had to pay. While we still have everything to get it. (Although losing) We'll get up and go forward." Guardiola end.


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