Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunderland Fire Steve Bruce

Sunderland - Steve Bruce became the first coach in the Premier League stage that must be stepped down from his position this season. Bruce Sunderland sacked after the club failed to realize expectations.
Club management was forced to terminate cooperation with Bruce that has been ongoing since 2009 and, after a team nicknamed the Black Cats beat Wigan Athletics 1-2 on home turf, the Stadium of Lights, at the weekend. Overall, a former retainer of Manchester United is assessed fails to carry out their duties properly.
Yes, this season have failed to bring Bruce Sunderland appear competitive. Of the 13 matches that have been acted, Bruce is only able to donate two victories. As a result, the current Sunderland just two points adrift of the red zone. The Black Cats scattered in 16th place, which stood at 11 points.
"Unfortunately, the outcome of the game (Bruce) in the season is not good enough and I think this is a good time to make changes," said team boss, Ellis Short, as quoted by Eurosport, Thursday (01/12/2011).
"It is my duty as head of the club to take action to provide the best for the team. I assure you, we do not take this decision easily, "he added as he explained that the decision to fire Bruce had discussed with club officials.
Actually, Steve Bruce has sufficient contributions in helping Sunderland stay in the Premier League. In its inaugural season coached the club, Bruce brought The Black Cats finished 13th at the end of the season and rise to the top 10 in the next season (2010-2011).
"Steve (Bruce) has worked with sincerity and integrity. He also demonstrated a full commitment over at Sunderland. I, personally thanked for his contribution to this team, "added Ellis.
Post ejecting Bruce, Sunderland stronghold has not determined a new coach and temporarily appoint an assistant coach Eric Black to gush Bendter Nicklas et al. However, a number of candidates has been prepared. They are the former Aston Villa coach, Martin O'Neal and former architect Fulham, Mark Hughes.


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