Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mancini Not to give up

Naples - Roberto Mancini refused to wave the white flag associated odds Manchester City qualified for the Champions League round of 16 after a 1-2 defeat of Napoli, before dawn.

Edinson Cavani Dwigol ensure victory for the Partenopei, while the City only had time to equalize through Mario Balotelli. That is, the chances of Citizens continued on the European continent at the highest competition is increasingly severe.

City have won the last game against Bayern Munich and at the same time Napoli should terjegal by Villarreal, which until now has not won points.

"We still have another game and Villarreal beat Napoli. This is the first time we played in the Champions League but I do not think Villarreal will lose again, they could win or a draw. Why not? "Mancini said after the game.

"Everything is not finished, never say no," said the former Inter Milan architect, quoted by Sky Sports, on Wednesday (23/11/2011).

Regarding the earlier match, Mancini claimed his team did not deserve to lose because it appears quite satisfactory. "We must think can score three or four goals in every game. We want this because that is our mental, "said Mancini.

"We got another opportunity to score a goal, their keeper doing rescue in three or four times, but if you lose you may make mistakes," he concluded.


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