Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Van Persie: Arsenal squad Fatigue!

LONDON - Robin van Persie for Arsenal to feel tight schedule to make himself and his teammates suffered from fatigue. For the Dutch national team striker, which makes it less Arsenal achieve maximum results when host Fulham.
Arsenal had to settle for one point when the heart entertain Fulham at the Emirates Stadium after a 1-1 draw. These results make a trend victory for the Gunners in three consecutive games came to a standstill and it seems that it is less satisfactory for Van Persie.
"The match on Saturday was our third game in the period of seven days, and it includes a lot in football," said Van Persie, reported by the Goal, Wednesday (11/30/2011).
"We have a tough fight in Norwich where we have to fight until the final minute while four days later we have to face strict action against Borussia Dortmund that his team is very fit, so that makes us rush to the end," he explained at length.
Premier League schedule which requires Arsenal must play on Saturday and continue the match in the Champions League on Wednesday under the spotlight from Van Persie. This is thought to be a factor the difficulty of recovering Arsenal.
"The recovery time between Wednesday and Saturday is the shortest for a while. That's not an excuse, but if you play on Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday, you may find five to ten percent different than if you have extra time 24 hours, "he added.
Van Persie also review the game against Fulham by stating, "We still have a chance to win against Fulham, but I think everyone felt that there is little fatigue."


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