Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fletcher: 300 Caps, 3 Kali Lewatkan Final Champions

MANCHESTER - This is the fate of Darren Fletcher, though he was happy to have solved the 300 milestone for Manchester United, but Fletcher has always failed to appear in the Champions League final three chances owned United.
There are obstacles, ranging from the accumulation of yellow cards, contracted the virus, until when she was 'definitely not' because of bad play, so do not trust Sir Alex Ferguson to go down the final.
The first opportunity came in 2008, when United face Chelsea in Moscow. Flecther not in the squad because of its performance throughout the season, losing to Michael Carrick.
Final second, occurred a year later. Flecther who received a yellow card accumulation in semi-final two games, had to go back feeling hurt, unable to join, until United lost in the final of Champions held at the Olimpico in Rome. United defeated Barcelona 2-0.
Thirdly, came last season, when United's back rounded Barca at Wembley. Fletcher a rising performance, suddenly had to stop because of contracting a virus. Last year's final, complete Fletcher suffered a 'annoyance' to re-take United to the final. Of course, with him taking part, as appearing in the Champions League final, has been his dream since young.
"Playing in the final of the Champions, a separate target for me. As a team, we also really wanted a final ticket again, "said Fletcher, as reported by The Sun, Tuesday (11/29/2011).
"No doubt, some players who have played the last two finals, motivated by disappointment. Now, an extra boost comes back and hopefully we can reach the final again, "he hoped.
Meanwhile, about his achievement caps, 27-year-old midfielder is determined to continue to achieve many milestones for United, while bringing more success for the Red Devils.
"The moment is very great achievements. Time was running fast, since I made his debut and I enjoyed everything about United. This club is everything and it has become my home. This is an achievement that I want to continue. The next target, I launched the 350, 400 caps and so on, "lid Fletcher.


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