Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RD: Indonesia to play Quick, Galaxy More Efficient

JAKARTA - Indonesia Coach Selection Rahmad Darmawan said his side to provide resistance in the right way to deal with LA Galaxy that notabenenya is the champion of Major League Soccer (MLS) this season.
In a match that was held at the Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday (11.30.2011), Indonesia Selection only narrowly lost 1-0 with a single goal Robbie Keane in the 14th minute. Although, losing, the coach who is familiarly called RD is claiming a lot that can be drawn from such a friendly match.
"Today we show one example, respect for opponents, but the right way. We provide the maximum resistance, the children play to beat your opponent," said RD in a press conference after the game on Wednesday (30/11/2011) night.
"Although the results are not so good, at least, I want to see our players are no where, if I can honestly say that distinguish these two teams that, they are clearly better able to regulate the rhythm of the game," said former coach this FC.
According to the RD, the excess LA Galaxy is able to play efficiently in the first round. Meanwhile, Indonesia in a few moments can win on speed.
"This skill (speed) that we will explore the potential of our players with the advantages we have, but still able to play like them with efficient, I got a valuable lesson," he explained.
"While we played well from behind and in front of the center but we are less quick to set the rhythm, so that the ball quickly disappear," said former coach Persija this.
RD added, about how the national team forward, he only helps provide a picture of the combined senior national team players and U-23 national team.
"The children have to be proving difficult for the opponent. They are very efficient, when to keep posisiton and when to play sharp," added the coach who brought Indonesia U-23 national team won the silver medal this past SEA Games in 2011.
"My job gives a description of who the players Indonesia in the future, whoever will please coach the players who will determine whether U-23 players eligible for the Senior National Team defends," he said.


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