Thursday, November 10, 2011

Henry: Wenger is under-appreciated contribution!

LONDON - Former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry feels Arsene Wenger on Arsenal's contribution is less valued by many parties. Henry also said he would support Arsenal to win a trophy this season.

Henry is indeed synonymous with Arsenal, it should be because he was defending the North London club for five seasons. Henry himself indebted to Wenger who kissed her talent that got wasted by Juventus in the 1999 season.

"On the day he (Arsene Wenger) stop, enough people will realize what has put the club. Always easy to criticize but can you find a better than Wenger? "Henry said as quoted by Goal, Thursday (10/11/2011).

"It's not easy for Arsene. I hope with all my heart that we (Arsenal) will win a trophy. Two clubs from Manchester would make it difficult, but once again, do not forget what has been done Arsene (Wenger) for Arsenal, "he added.

So many memories in the mind of Henry when he was playing with the Gunners. On this basis an attacker who is now a career in the club New York Red Bulls are pledged to become a lifetime Arsenal fans.

"Arsenal play good football and I would become a lifelong Arsenal supporter. There is something that exists between me and the fans that I'll never forget, "he said.


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