Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 Players Indonesia Will Practicing with PSV

JAKARTA - Indonesia Coming to PSV Eindhoven next January will be maximized PSSI to insert a player coaching agenda. The plan, after the exhibition match, PSSI Indonesia will send two players to practice during the week in the Dutch League club.
In Jakarta, PSV melakoni two friendly matches will face Indonesia and Jakarta Celection Selection in Jakarta Challenge event at the Bung Karno Stadium 9 to 12 January 2011.
Opportunity to send players to train with top Dutch club was certainly an added value to the national football, especially if they are interested in recruiting Indonesian national players. This is in contrast with the arrival of foreign teams earlier, where the national football does not get 'nothing' of the teams visit to Indonesia.
Take for example, when Uruguay World Cup team into the ground water. Nothing is gained from them after the game. Uruguay has only played in Jakarta, and then returned to his country. For that, PSSI is also support this wish at least get something for the betterment of the national football.
But surely, PSV coach Fred Rutten will select two players from the national team selection for trafficked into the Philips Stadium, to take exercise during the week with the first team PSV.PSV had previously inserted training agenda when it first to Indonesia, in 1988 ago. Ruud Gullit was then doing cs coaching clinic for the players and coaches as well. The same is true of PSV desirable today. But it is still in talks.
"If it's coaching clinic, still in talks. But they want to bring two players to exercise the option in there for a week, "said ST Arasu, Saujana Media representatives promoter.
"We certainly welcome the arrival of PSV excited about this. We will help prepare the national team Selection. Meanwhile, for the Jakarta Selection, we leave it to the promoter. They're also going to carry two European players to strengthen the Jakarta Selection, "said Arifin Djohar PSSI chairman.


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