Monday, November 21, 2011

Wenger's Not Interested Bring Cahill

LONDON - Arsenal coach revealed that he was no longer interested in Bolton players. It also makes Gary Cahill hopes to join the Gunners farther away.

The presence of Andre Santos and Per Mertesacker at Arsenal make their defense better, and performance that displayed both with the national team to be more value for Wenger. This is exactly what makes Wenger dissuade Cahlil to bring to the Emirates Stadium.

"Cahill is good enough to play in the Champions League, but he is no longer for me," said Wenger, as quoted by Sky Sports on Monday (21/11/2011).

"I've had five defenders, Laurent Koscielny, Sebastien Squillaci, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, and Djohan Djourou. Four of them are international players, and they played pretty good," he added.

The coach who was nicknamed The Professor, said another reason he did not bring kenap Cahlil. Wenger judge ruled Cahill club, has offered a pretty even deal for him. Even Wenger calls are pretty greedy club Bolton.

"We're in the transfer market at the time, but Bolton besikap too greedy by offering a deal which is quite expensive," he concluded.


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