Monday, November 21, 2011

There's no doubt in Pepe

Turin - Simone Pepe was always felt confident that Juventus will rise up and do well in Serie A. According to Pepe, it is worth it because the squad landing Antonio Conte always show maximum performance.

Juventus now tops the standings with 22 points won. This is certainly a heartening thing for the long-Juventini as La Vecchia Signora did not look good. This achievement was recognized by Pepe as part of the current team goal.

"We do not hesitate to show our performance because we know our goals and the coach has always motivated us," Pepe said as quoted by Goal, Monday (21/11/2011).

Although it has been performing well and tops the standings, Pepe refuses to jumawa. Understandably, the journey to win the Scudetto title is still long, and now he prefers to focus on playing well with his teammates.

"This season is still long, we did have a good start, but only time can tell when we can get the target. Clearly something is wrong now find difficult, but we still keep the ball and we attacked when we can, but we have to continue like this, "he said.

Pepe himself is one of the actors in the rise of Juventus this season 2011/2012. So far Pepe often appear as a starter for Bianconerri and appeared in 7 games, which stood at 2 goals so far.


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