Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garuda in Dada Who?

Animo fans to support the direct action of U-23 national team to face Malaysia in torrents. To the extent that the security forces guarding the entrance to the Bung Karno Stadium helpless. Many spectators without tickets so successful through the packed stadium security. "Garuda on My Chest" blaring in the stadium again was the pride of Indonesia.
That fateful, not a few fans who have tickets just can not enjoy their right to enter into the stadium. Supporters were disappointed eventually forced to turn around. Who still do not want to miss the match with a heavy step to find the area watching together, one at FX Plaza.
This phenomenon is certainly reminiscent of the 2010 AFF Cup victory after victory lalu.Saat was made public laud Bambang Pamungkas et al so that the last five games at the event's national team, always make Senayan into a sea of ​​red.
"But when the AFF, I could still go even though fans outside the stadium exploded. not like now, "Rani said one supporter of Bintaro.
This situation is in stark contrast to Indonesia's senior match against Iran in the Pre World Cup qualifier on Tuesday. As an illustration, cheering supporters that meet the Iranians feel more formations VIP tribune at the Bung Karno Stadium fans than Indonesia itself.
This harsh reality must be experienced senior Garuda, after four times always defeat each one of Iran (0-3), Bahrain (0-2), Qatar (2-3 and 4-0). The treatment supporters this time is in stark contrast with when they played in the AFF Cup last year.
The fans are now only willing to flock to see the action Titus Bonai, no longer Bambang Pamungkas. The public, especially young women are now idolized Diego Michiels, instead of Cristian Gonzalez. Chanting 'Garuda on my chest' is now only diteriakan vigorously for Young Garuda, Garuda's not old.
Empty seat stadium to make the Iranian coach, Carlos Querioz bit surprised, because previously he thought SUGBK would be packed. Maybe he saw the match against Bahrain at the time Indonesia, where the air is flushed participate Stadium fans turned red flares, and fireworks, which makes the game even when it had to be stopped for 15 minutes.
"I do not agree with their attitude. I want to convey a message to fans Indonesia, support the team in time to win or lose, because the players are always trying to show you the best. This attitude should not happen, "said Iran coach Carlos Queiroz during a press conference after the match.
Wheel is spinning too fast for senior Garuda. Look good when they become idols, but the opposite, making insults, and apathy is not less flowing.
This phenomenon is frequent in parts of the world manapun.Tapi it was a bit unfair if, when the team slumped pet, we just leave even chided. Criticism, but support needs to go on.
During this time the player is always blamed, not having mental armor when playing; easily down when the opponent ahead. It is always tilt-leverage by many, when Indonesia lost to view athlete from another country, not just in football but also badminton, misalnya.Lalu how our mental? Can continue to support from the sidelines, until the game was over, whatever the situation?
When faced with Iran in SUGBK (1-4), Bambang cs as sendirian.Padahal supporters are fighting to-12 players. The struggle to win the game is not just load the players and coaches, but also fans. As Liverpool fans singing, "You'll Never Walk Alone." It is said that this song that makes Steven Gerrard cs rise while trailing 3-0 to AC Milan in the Champions League final 2005, and finally emerged victorious.
I'm concerned, U-23 national team will experience a similar fate with a senior after cluck from Malaysia last night, and may appear disappointing in the next game. If that happens, you should from now on we no longer need bertariak "Garuda on My Chest", because it no longer meaningful.


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