Friday, December 2, 2011

Osvaldo law, Rome Touted Prandelli

ROME - Italy's national team coach, Cesare Prandelli praised the attitude of Roma in addressing the case of Pablo Osvaldo. Former Fiorentina's coach felt Rome was running the code of ethics with the right to punish strikers.

As already known together, Pablo Osvaldo got a penalty from I Lupi due to his dishonorable. Italian-born Argentine attacker was caught beating his teammate, Erik Lamela in the locker room after the team met Roma Udinese.

Osvaldo reason arguing with Lamela was trivial, because it upset the Osvaldo colleagues did not provide feedback in the game. As a result coach Luis Enrique asked the club to give a fine of 50 thousand euros and penalties one game as punishment, and it is this which commended Prandelli.

"Rome is the right attitude. Code of Conduct which has been applied not only to the national team but also for the entire club (Italy), and the Romans have done great things in applying it, "said Cesare Prandelli as reported by the Goal, Friday (02/12/2011).

So far the atmosphere within the team reportedly Roma has improved, because both Osvaldo and Lamela is back familiar. It is characterized by eating with the whole team at a pizza restaurant in the city of Rome, where Osvaldo and Lamela is a party that treats all costs.


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