Friday, December 2, 2011

New award for Mourinho

MADRID - One more awards received by Jose Mourinho. But this time the awards are obtained entrenador Real Madrid was not from a sporting man, but a music magazine. Why?

Recent awards for The Special One comes from one of the leading music magazine, Rolling Stone. Recently published by Spanish magazine Rolling Stone named Mourinho as "Rockstar of the Year" for 2011. Portugal national coach of the cold face is also adorned the front page of "Rolling Stone" for the December 2011 edition. Mou managed to set aside a renowned Spanish musicians.

The award itself is given following the actions of Mourinho on the sidelines who often invite the attention of the general public. Disitat of Dirty Tackle, Friday (12/02/2011), 'controversial comments, ingenuity in concocting his team and provocative "major factor" Rolling Stone "named Mourinho as" Rockstar of the Year. "

Yes, so far this year Mourinho is often graced the front page of the mass media in the world. One of the most consuming concern of course is when pinching action Mou Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova in the Spanish Super Cup, some time ago. At that time, in the middle of a riot that occurred between the two camps, Mou Vilanova camera caught pinching in the middle of the crowd.


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