Friday, December 2, 2011

Almost Equivalent Level Bayern Barcelona-Madrid

MUNICH - Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery believes his team has enough quality to be the best in the Champions League stage. Ribery declared his team is now capable of competing with the elite clubs of Europe.

The election of the Allianz Arena as a place of the event this season's Champions League final, provide its own motivation for Bayern retainer to taste success in their headquarters. This is evidenced by their success qualifying for the last 16, despite the group stage still leaves one match.

With this achievement, Ribery is optimistic his team were able to talk a lot both in domestic and European stage, this season. However, Ribery still think realistically that the current level of play FC Hollywood is only slightly behind Real Madrid and Barcelona are judged as the best team the world.

"Barcelona has set a new standard (in football). While Real (Madrid) is a very good team. But, (level) we kept creeping up and getting closer to the peak, "said Bayern's Ribery as he stated that the constantly increasing performance.

Furthermore, Ribery did not deny the resurrection of the key when Bayern this season could not be separated from the figure of coach Jupp Heynckes who deal with the club since the beginning of this season. Algeria's bloody French international star was also stressed that he was very comfortable playing under the direction Heynckes.

"I worked closely with the figure of the brilliant (Heynckes). I feel the trust and the touch that it provides. He's a lot to communicate with us and lets me know clearly what should I do when I go into the field, "he said quoted by Reuters on Friday (02/12/2011).


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