Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blatter: England Still Hurt

ZURICH - Football Federation feud English (FA) and FIFA President Sepp Blatter, not too dim. Each faction continues to cast scorn to comment on the issue of the 2018 World Cup bidding is already a year has passed.

Oblique tone has voiced Sepp Blatter to comment on the British attitude which he said until now there has been too willing to accept defeat of Russia. Blatter sure, gini day, England was still too hurt.

British efforts to repeat the history as a host such as 1966 and so serious. As evidence, Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham's celebrity gridiron fought hard to realize dreams such as the UK itu.Tapi effort futile because FIFA finally appoint Russia.

Since then, the FA appear as the opposition and against Blatter to be re-elected as the number one in FIFA. "At 60-70, the greatest support to the Federation's there, but not anymore," said Blatter was quoted as saying Worldgame, Monday (05/12/2011).

"England lost power and the recent World Cup in 2018. They really deserve more than for the Olympics. They think football should go back to its origin. They have the World Cup. When Beckham, Prince William and PM Cameron came here, they are sure to win. They got two votes. Since then they looked for things to justify their defeat, "sneered Blatter.

British media and Parliament often throws allegations of corruption against Blatter. 2018 World Cup bidding process they are also not spared from the dirty practices of FIFA officials.


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