Sunday, December 4, 2011

The FA will defend Rooney

LONDON - A spokesman for the British Football Federation (FA), Adrian Bevington, said the FA will do the defense for Wayne Rooney and will involve internal and external lawyers with expertise in the field of sports law.

"We've held lengthy discussions on this issue with our internal and our attorneys will also work closely with outside law firms are experts in the field of sports," he explained, as reported by The Guardian, Monday (12/05/2011).

FA itself will leave for the UEFA headquarters in Switzerland, this week, to ask for leniency given to Wayne Rooney. Rooney appeal hearing will be held after the Champions League match between Manchester United and FA Basel on Wednesday (7 / 12).

"As dikeathui, we have appealed. Rooney will attend the hearing at UEFA headquarters, after undergoing the match with United on Wednesday. Fabio Capello will be in attendance to give testimony, "he said.

"I do not want to talk more about this case, because it does not deserve to do so before the trial was held. However, we are there with the expectation of a reduction in sanctions, so that Rooney could play more in the event, "he concluded.

Previously, sanctions given in the three-match ban, due to the red card he got in the game against Montenegro in October. With Rooney's sentence can not be played in Euro 2012 group stage.


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