Sunday, December 4, 2011

Relieved Ribery France Not in Group of Death

PARIS - French national team player Franck Ribery claimed his team was lucky not to get into the group of death such as group B, where the group is populated by the big teams like Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, and Germany.

Ribery was so relieved when his team does not have to face the Netherlands and Germany. Although he still felt the French who are in group D should continue to work hard against England, Ukraine, and Sweden.

"I remember when the 2010 World Cup, we are talking about the lottery just met a nice South Africa, Uruguay, and Mexico. We finally know what the outcome, "said Ribery told AFP on Monday (5/12/2011).

"But I also do not feel this is an easy group. It's more complicated than two years ago. However, I was quite relieved we're not in the group of death, "he continued.

France Euro 2012 hopes to raise again the scene of their names in world football, after his failure at the 2010 World Cup and making many sides a little doubt their greatness.


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