Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Support Fixed Suarez Liverpool

LIVERPOOL - Luis Suarez FA finally declared guilty of racist speech to Patrice Evra. Thus, Suarez would be put to the FA but still have not decided when and what kind of punishment would drop him FA. Even if found guilty, Liverpool will still continue to support Suarez.
In its official statement, Liverpool will soon be speaking to the 24-year striker once he returns from defending Uruguay. Suarez himself actually did not play when Uruguay beruji try with Italy at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy, Tuesday (15/11) yesterday.
"The club this afternoon (Wednesday) received notification from the FA regarding their decision to punish Luis Suarez and will study carefully the documentation that is sent to us," said a club statement.
"We will be discussing this matter with him when he was returning from international duty but he would be declared not guilty and we hope he asked for (the FA) for the hearing in person," continued the statement.
"Luis will keep fighting to clear his name over allegations that Patrice Evra. The club will always support the full Suarez, "close the statement.


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