Sunday, November 13, 2011

President Santos: Madrid Arrogant!

SANTOS - big boss Santos, Luis Alvaro Ribeiro, was bursting to express discomfort, Real Madrid will attempt to bring Neymar. Ribeiro even mention the giant Spanish capital, as the party arrogant.

Although the possibility of shrinking Madrid, after Neymar sign on a contract extension that dosodorkan Santos, Ribeiro still can not forget the arrogant Madrid, when trying to hijack the Ribeiro's favorite player.

Reportedly indeed, Neymar has signed a contract extension, which tied him until the summer of 2014, right after the 2014 Brazil World Cup performances.

"The attitude of the directors of Real Madrid is very arrogant, and I regret it. They resemble the colonial mental attitude, "said Ribeiro, as reported by ESPN, Monday (11/14/2011).

Yes, Ribeiro is not happy with the way the Los Blancos near Neymar. Even Madrid had declared Neymar will certainly join the Bernabeu, in January. In addition, Ribeiro also not pleased with comments entrenador Madrid, who do not like the hair style Neymar.

"I am convinced Neymar to survive, by telling him that Jose will Moutonho Neymar told to cut his hair. He (Neymar) can do whatever she likes with her ​​hair while it is here, "concludes Ribeiro.


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