Thursday, November 10, 2011

Del Piero Want to graze the Joint United

Turin - Senior Players Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero, expressed his desire graze in the Premier League. The club became the choice is Manchester United. The atmosphere of the Premier League must have been the reason, he wanted to play there.

"I really liked how Britons enjoyed the sport of football with passion and fair play. I also really love the atmosphere of English football, the spirit, the stadium, the stadium like Old Trafford, and the attitude of the fans," he said as reported by Goal, Wednesday (9 / 11/2011).

"I learned to respect the English football at the beginning of my career, because matches against English clubs, and above all, because the club Manchester United," he added.

The Italian too, praised the supoter English league clubs are very loyal to his favorite team. This, he values ​​as something that is quite enjoyable as a player.

"What is more fun than seeing fans from both clubs, who came to the stadium, and provide dukungannnya to the team, without having to do a problem," he said.

As we all know this season, the last time Del Piero Juventus berkostumkan, because the club management agreed not to renew his contract which will expire this season. Since starting their work with Juventus in the summer of 1993, Del Piero has offered five Scudetto titles, one Italian Cup and Champions League.

Several clubs from the English Premier League and MLS America reportedly wanted to recruit Del Piero, and whether his desire to play in the Premier League, another indication that he choose one of the Premier League club. We'll see.


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