Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cavani Reject Bids Chelsea and City

ROME - striker Edinson Cavani, revealing blue costumed Napoli still endure today. Therefore, he turned down offers from two big Premier League club, Manchester City and Chelsea.

"My future is in Naples, it was no doubt. I do not think of another club, even though I did not dismiss the many rumors circulating in various media," he said as quoted by Football-Italy, Friday (18/11/2011).

Cavani had been discussing his future with the club in Naples, and indeed they still want to work together. The 24-year-old striker, still wish to contribute largely to his club.

"I've talked to the president of the club, and the club did not want to sell me on the upcoming January transfer window, and I still feel at home here. I still want to give something extraordinary in Naples," he said.

Previously, the Chelsea coach, Andre Villas-Boas was eager to bring to Stamford Bridge Cavani, and he has received funds not less than 38 million pounds from the big boss club, Roman Abramovich.

Not only that, the Uruguayan international has never expressed the desire to duet with Mario Balotelli. However, he prefers to play with Balotelli in Naples rather than with The Citizens.

Cavani appearance in the last few seasons is pretty impressive. In the last season, he succeeded in creating 34 goals on the season premiere costumed Napoli. Not only that, Cavani also become the main actor behind the success of Napoli qualify for the Champions League this season.


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