Sunday, February 12, 2012

Latest Action Ferdinand response of Suarez

MANCHESTER - Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand seems to be very disappointed with the attitude of Luis Suarez who refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra, before the game against Liverpool started the game. This makes Ferdinand claimed lost respect for Suarez.
United's match against Liverpool is running hot, even before the game begins. The reason, Suarez refused to shake hands before the game starts Evra, corresponding to feel hurt over the eight-match ban he received, for allegedly insulting Evra at the previous meeting.

"I think it is the selection of a poor decision from him (Suarez). Currently, the subject (racism) is quite hot, and some things may seem smaller when the handshake is done, "said Ferdinand, quoted by ESPN, Sunday (12/02/2012).

"After seeing what I saw, I decided not to shake his hand. He lost the respect that he needs in this situation and declared himself wrong and should apologize. I lost all respect for him after the incident, "he added.

Suarez deed made ​​frustrated Rio Ferdinand. The reason, Ferdinand felt hostility two men could have done if not Suarez was shaking hands with his teammates.

"It could have been resolved, perhaps, between two people involved (Evra and Suarez). After that, it becomes great. Disappointing. I hope more than other men (Suarez) but it did not happen, "he said.


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