Sunday, February 12, 2012

Benitez: Madrid Barca Could Break Dominance

MADRID - In the last three years, Barcelona has always been dominated La Liga. But this year, Rafael Benitez's time to assess for Real Madrid to end domination.
Currently, the team based at the Santiago Bernabeu was ten points ahead of Barcelona and comfortable at the top of La Liga. With this result, it is not sure Benitez La Liga trophy to remain at Camp Nou.
"The struggle for the title in La Liga was confined to Madrid and Barcelona, while other teams only compete with other targets," said Benitez, who had been reported by Soccerway entranador Valencia on Saturday (02/11/2012).
Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola, Barca are suddenly transformed into a fearsome force both in Spain and Europe. Lionel Messi et al to dominate the last three years. However, Benitez believes this does not happen this year.
"Madrid has a great advantage, have a competitive team and great. Moreover, Madrid had not won La Liga for a long time, so they must be very hungry," added the man from Spain.
"Madrid deserves an advanced seed. In some games, all are subject to change. However, the advantage Madrid to consider and I do not think they will be relaxed. Barca will play at the level of high level, but so is Madrid," he said


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