Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fergie regrets Evra celebrate

MANCHESTER - Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, was really disappointed with the attitude that carried out by Luis Suarez. However, it is also a little regretted by the behavior of the captain Patrice Evra after the match.

As is known, Suarez and Evra again met in the Premier League match at Old Trafford on Saturday (11/2), in which Manchester United won with a score of 2-1 over Liverpool thin. Before the game began Suarez caught on camera are reluctant to shake hands with Evra. Reportedly, they are also almost at odds in the players tunnel after the first round.

In fact, Fergie judge Suarez is a disgrace to the team at Liverpool. He also assesses the origin Uruguaya player does not deserve to play with the Reds, as it will be the mastermind behind the riots.

However, even after the game Evra celebrated his team responded with a highly energetic. Interestingly, Evra to do so before Suarez to provoke quite a stir among the players. Not only that, the referee was immediately approached him and asked for Evra to stop.

Is exactly what unfortunate events by Ferguson. In fact, the Scot is saying that Evra should not be excessive to celebrate a victory like that.

"(Patrice) Evra should not do things like jumping in front of Suarez when the celebration at the end of the game. In fact, he should not have to do that, "lamented Ferguson as reported by BBC Sports, Sunday (12/02/2012).


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