Sunday, February 12, 2012

Barca down in Osasuna Cage

Pamplona - Osasuna brilliant success at home to slim 3-2 win over Barcelona. This defeat makes Barcelona failed to cut the distance difference in points of Real Madrid in La Liga standings.
Osasuna seemed undaunted by the name of Barcelona which became his guest in the game this time. Support of thousands of supporters to make an aggressive play Osasuna and Barcelona back line trouble since the beginning of the game begins.
Disastrous for Barcelona came in the fifth minute. This time, the business Lekic Raul Garcia converting feed into a goal can not be defeated Valdes. Barcelona rolled the ball into the goal and make the score changed to 1-0 to Osasuna excellence.
Barcelona conceded a goal made more eager to attack. At minute 10, Lionel Messi managed to kick hard, but the ball can still be pushed onto the crossbar by goalkeeper Osasuna, Andres Fernandez
Lekic is really a nightmare for Barcelona. Reyno de Navarra stadium roared in minute 22, after receiving Lekic beautiful cross from Alvaro Cejudo, without a lot of time directly off a hard shot which again can not be conquered Valdez. Unexpected Osasuna a 2-0 lead and the score stayed until the break.
Into the second half, Barcelona played more pressing to catch up. This led to success, because in minute 51, Alexis Sanchez found the net after converting feed Osasuna Isaac Cuenca. Barcelona play down dropping to 2-1.
Barcelona scored a direct response by Osasuna. Minutes to 56, Raul Garcia back his team the advantage, through a goal Nino's cross. This goal made the score changed to 3-1.
Barcelona had another golden opportunity to score through their younger players, Christian Tello, in 64 minutes. Unfortunately, Tello hard kick brilliantly saved by tepisan of Fernandez and produced only a corner for the Blaugrana.
Barcelona finally cheer camps in minute 73. The reason behind Barcelona back down through a beautiful goal from Tello. A pass from Cesc Fabregas, dribble forward Tello, then a hard kick into the top right corner Osasuna. Turned into a 3-2 score.
Fabregas had a golden opportunity in the 90th minute. A pass from Messi, the former Arsenal captain is heading the ball, but the ball could be read carefully Fernandez goalie who then caught the ball. Score was 3-2 last until the end.
Both Teams Team:

Osasuna: Andres Fernández, Sergio, Miguel Flano, J. Raitala, Marc Bertran, J. Nekounam, Raul Garcia (Damia/89 '), Puñal, Cejudo, Nino (Lolo/77'), D. Leki? (Balde/71 ')

Barcelona: Valdes, Puyol (I. Cuenca/46 '), E. Abidal, Dani Alves, Pique (Fabregas/76 '), J. Mascherano, Thiago Alcantara, Sergi Roberto, L. Messi, A. Sánchez, Pedro (Tello/46 ')


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