Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leave Barca Madrid Away

MADRID - Cristiano Ronaldo showed ferocity when Real Madrid against Levante. Gelontoran CR7 scored three goals to bring Madrid won 4-2 at the same time widen the advantage of his eternal rival, Barcelona in the championship hunt.
Yes, with the addition of three numbers plus the Barca defeat of Osasuna the previous day, the more comfortable Madrid La Liga standings. With the difference that reached 10 points, Madrid would imply an end to the dominance of Barca in the last three seasons.
A mission of revenge after the 0-1 humiliation at the first meeting, the public Santiago Bernabeu in the lurch just when Levante succeeded in winning first in the 4th minute.
Javier Farinos free kick had hit Sergio Ramos, and Gustavo Cabral headed directly respond to the goalkeeper Iker Casillas turned off. Levante dark memory of Madrid reminded when it lost 0-1 in the first meeting.
This goal Cristiano Ronaldo's rage instantly burn directly confine the defense of the Frog-nickname-Levante. Three minutes later, Karim Benzema had scored the equalizer, but unfortunately the referee annulled a goal because the French international striker offside.
Entering the 15th minute, Real Madrid has had four chances, but failed to convert chances into goals. Execution of Gonzalo Higuain in the 10th minute and 13 only on the thin side of the goal. Hard kick from Cristiano Ronaldo minutes 12 and 16 are also not meet the target.
El Real is finally pushing successfully equalized in the 44th minute through the execution of Cristiano Ronaldo. The referee awarded a penalty following a handball Iborra conducted in a restricted area.
Not only got a penalty, the more disappointed because Ibrorra Levante also sent off, because already collected two yellow cards. As a result, Levante have to play with 10 players in the remaining 45 minutes of action. 1-1 score lasted until the break.
Log into the second half of the match, Madrid Levante's turn to make camp Ronaldo stunned with a quick goal in the 50th minute. CR7 scored his second goal in this match with a sharp header, utilizing mature assists Higuain. El Real back ahead 2-1.
Lesakkan two goals from Ronaldo was not satisfactory. Six minutes later, the world's most expensive player this 27-year-old recorded a hat trick, with a kick 'spear' that melucur sharply against Munua. Madrid getting the upper hand with a 3-1 lead.
Especially for Ronaldo, this is a goal all season 27nya confirms it as well as the strongest candidate winning the title El Pichichi, as four goals ahead of rival Lionel Messi (23).
Back to the game, behind two goals Levante which was not necessarily broke. Striker Arouna Kone gives hope after the 2-3 position to be able to reduce deadly glancing header in the 62nd minute.
Earlier, Madrid had a 4-1 lead through Higuain flick baits capitalize Benzema. Unfortunately, the goal was disallowed for offside. However, disappointment paid off because Benzema to Madrid Madrid away in the 66th minute.
Munua fourth goal scored against the use of bait Karim Benzema Ronaldo. Terarahnya kick in the side of the goal could not be reached Munua. 4-2 to Madrid.
The 67th minute, Ronaldo almost scored if the kick is not membentuh quattrick Munua body. Two minutes later, Ozil past action with Levante defender and fired a shot that was hit the pole.
Entering the final 10 minutes of the match, Madrid began to relax the tempo. Cristiano Ronaldo et al now play a more possession in order to maintain stamina, since the middle of this week they will play in the Champions League to face CSKA Moscow host.
Levante itself still continues to chase the ball after diluting the pace. Unfortunately, until the fight was over, unchanged Madrid 4-2 advantage.
Teams:REAL MADRID: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao, Granero / Khedira (75 '), Xabi Alonso, Ozil / Kaka (80'), Ronaldo, Higuain / Callejon (67 '), Benzema
Levante: Munua, Javi Venta, Ballesteros, Cabral, Del Horno / Pedro Lopez (60 '), Farinos, Iborra, El Zhar / Pallardo (46'), Valdo / Botelho (76 '), Oscar Serrano, Kone


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