Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Best League Premier League so because the incident"

MANCHESTER - Former Manchester United right-back, Gary Neville, considers the various incidents in the Premier League is a natural thing. In fact, Neville feels the incidents to make the Premier League the best league in the world.
Last night, an incident between Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez. Ahead of the match between United to Liverpool, Suarez who was sentenced to eight games due to racial insults pitched into Evra, refused to shake hands with the players. As a result Evra after the match was to celebrate in addition to Suarez, as his side won 2-1. It made a little unrest in the tunnel for the players.
"They do not like each other. I have no problem with it. I have no problem with what happened in the tunnel the players (after the match), "Neville said, quoted by Skysports, Sunday (12/02/2012).
"There were incidents of Arsenal-United, Liverpool, United and incidents, this is what makes the Premier League the best league in the world. We want less confrontation and aggression in the game of football and passion in it, "he added.
Indeed there was a racial issue regarding racism between the two players. Neville did not want that, but that he's important: here is the game interesting with tension running high because of the incident before the game.
"We do not want any issues of racism, but in this case the player desires, the heat of the atmosphere of the game and tackle, and the presence of each other people who do not like each other, I have no problem with it all. The important thing is that you win games, "he said.


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