Friday, December 2, 2011

Capture Andik Beckham Jersey

SURABAYA - Andik Vermansyah still shrouded in euphoria after invited to exchange costumes with the world's star players, David Beckham. I was so happy, little bomber Persebaya 1927 was also the costume capture.

Feel very fortunate to get a Beckham jersey, players Indonesia Selection, Andik will preserve it in a frame figura. Even bernomer 23 jerseys will be worn during sleep Andik.

After strengthening the Indonesia national team selection who defeated the LA Galaxy 0-1 in a friendly match on Wednesday, Andik arrived at his house on Jl. Midshipman Kalijudan Three Surabaya, East Java, on Thursday afternoon. This tiny player greeted the arrival of his parents and Jumaiyah Saman, and other relatives.

In addition proud to play well together Indonesian Selection, Andik also carry t-shirts worn Beckham. According Andik, white shirt back numbered 23 would be enshrined in a frame along with the shirt figura Indonesia Team Selection. In fact, for joy, Andik pleaded not going to wash these shirts and would wear during sleep.

In those games, Andik known to look impressive and often troublesome stronghold Galaxy defense. Striker nicknamed 'Lionel Messi of Surabaya' has even had time to get a hard tackle from Beckham.

Feeling guilty at once impressed with the game Andik, former Real Madrid and Manchester United are also invited Andik swapping costumes at the end of the game, whereas many other Indonesian players are invited to exchange costumes. However, Becks is only willing to exchange costumes with Andik. Historic moment was made ​​even when Becks was interviewed and broadcast live on national television.
(Nur Syafei / Sindo TV


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