Sunday, November 13, 2011

Van Bommel: Duel Against Germany Always Emotional

AMSTERDAM - Dutch national team captain, Mark van Bommel outspoken, impatient to meet the emotional duel against Germany, the day after tomorrow (16.11.2011) at Imtech Arena, Hamburg. According to him, there would be no such thing as a friendly match with Germany.

In addition to its political history and the war between the two great nations of Europe that, in the past, the history of the two meeting on the gridiron was always left the emotional stories, until now.

Although titled a friendly match, Van Bommel but keukeuh, that when fighting the Germans, there would be no such thing as friendship, but merely a battle. Therefore, although Germany will compete in the cage, Van Bommel intend to give German lessons football in front of their own supporters.

"There's no such thing as a friendly, especially against Germany!," Said Van Bommel, the Dutch media, De Telegraaf, on Monday (11/14/2011).

"The party will be a special game, with the emotional involvement in it. I really can not wait to play this duel, "complete midfielder who is now a career at AC Milan.


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