Monday, November 21, 2011

Terry Sell It!

LONDON - The case of John Terry widened racism everywhere. Now, the former Chelsea player, Vinnie Jones stated that the case facing the captain of the Blues has been made ​​uncomfortable club. Consequently, this might be a good time for Chelsea to sell Terry.

Chelsea without Terry was unimaginable. However, according to Jones it can be just the solution for coach of the Blues, Andre Villas Boas to gain full control of Chelsea players in the locker room. As long as there is Terry, according to Jones, AVB can never have complete control at Stamford Bridge.

"Sometimes you think 'How could leave a player like JT?'. But sometimes big players like that go, other players and coaches come to power again, "said Jones quoted from the Goal, Tuesday (11/22/2011) pm dawn.

"To be honest I would not be surprised if Terry moved to another club. If a coach comes into a new club and make decisions that make the fans are not happy, but the result is good then they will be in the coach, "Jones said.

"It's that simple. However, if the results are not as expected then they will ask the coach's blood. And I think whatever the results he achieved this season, Abramovich must remain with him until next season, "said the player who had also been strengthened Wimbledon who now works as a film actor.


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