Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Roma Almost Perfect"

ROME - AS Roma 4-0 Inter Milan successful shave, not separated from one of the important role of Fabio Borini. The 20-year-old Attaccante scored a pair of goals is important, the appearance of a ferocious wolf of Rome.
If you wish to speak honestly, striking result was unexpected 4-0 Borini before. Notified in the center of Rome a tight schedule this winter. But thanks to hard work and motivation of the party's defeat in the previous, making Borini and his colleagues did not want to disappoint Romanisti again.
"It's a hard job, especially we played three games in a week. Not easy for us to handle it, "he told Roma Channel, Monday (02/06/2012).
"You would not expect a result like this, even if you work hard. But we can correct the direction of the coach and we look fierce for the press, "tambahn berpostur bomber was 180 cm.
Borini admitted, he and his colleagues had been the focus since the beginning. Even since the previous matches, their concentration and were instructed to ignore all sorts of criticism and a growing issue in the media related to the performance of Roma.
"After the party against Fiorentina, I said the same thing that we have confidence in each other in teams. I do not read newspapers or watch TV because I do not want to be affected by external factors, "continued Borini.
It's okay to celebrate all the great teams of Inter, but Borini not want too long plagued by excessive euphoria. Because of the crucial game match Il Lupi is still waiting for the block.
"Today we are almost perfect, but we should not be affected by excessive enthusiasm and euphoria," he concluded.


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