Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mourinho asked to Survive

MADRID - Jose Mourinho was widely rumored to be leaving Real Madrid at the end of this season. However, some Madrid players expect the coach thought better of it.

In recent years, Mourinho was widely rumored to be leaving Real Madrid coaching chair at the end of the season. It follows that no harmonious relationship with the fans of Los Blancos, Madridista, as well as some courtier of Madrid.

In this season, Mourinho is constantly under pressure from the start sultry look Madridista Portuguese coach was unable to give a victory over Barcelona (only once).

However, amid heavy criticism that plagued the coach nicknamed The Special One, some courtier Madrid still continue to voice support for Mourinho. One who hopes to survive at the Santiago Bernabeu Mou is Jose Maria Callejon.

"I see him (Mourinho) every day, want to work and eager to continue doing the things important for Real Madrid," said Callejon quoted by Marca on Wednesday (02/01/2012).

"For me and all the players (Madrid), he (Mourinho) is the figure most ideal coach for Real Madrid," he concluded.

Mourinho can indeed be said to be a success in its inaugural season menukangi Madrid, where he was only able to present the trophy last season's Copa del Rey. In this season, although Madrid has lost the opportunity to retain the title Copa del Rey, Mou still more likely to present two more prestigious trophy, La Liga and Champions League.

Known, the likely champions Real Madrid in the Champions League glory after they qualified for the last 16 to record a clean sweep victory. Madrid is also predicted to be melenggan easily into the quarter-finals as it will only deal with CSKA Moscow.

At the stage of La Liga, Madrid opportunities to end the dominance of Barcelona in the last three seasons are also wide open. Madrid has a great chance to win La Liga following a seven-point lead over the eternal enemy.


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