Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mancini Tevez Ready to Play Back

MANCHESTER - Manchester City coach, Roberto Mancini, said that he is ready to provide the opportunity for Carlos Tevez to play back on the team. However, Mancini gave him one requirement, namely the condition of fitness.

As is known, Tevez had not played for City in a long time. It is, related dispute with Mancini at his side to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League in October last year.

Since the incident, the former Manchester United player should be excluded from the squad for the Citizen until the club is ready to sell it to another club when the transfer window last month. But in the end, Tevez remain at Manchester City and did not move to any club.

Now the surprise club Premier League standings, it still decided to enter the name of Tevez into the 23 squad for the Citizens. Mancini also said that Tevez has a chance to play with the City in the second half of this season. Provided, Tevez has returned to the condition in good shape.

"Carlos (Tevez) is not an option for now, but there is still hope for him again in the future," Mancini said as quoted by The Sun, Saturday (04/02/2012).

"I hope he can practice again during the last three bullae, to help her keep track condition. Currently I have in mind is the Premier League title and when he came back here with the conditions in good shape, it is not impossible to play them back, "he added.

Mancini's decision is indeed a bit unreasonable when his team had to really ensure the victory of a few games remaining. This is to keep the points with city rivals Manchester United, which currently has the same points.


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