Sunday, February 5, 2012

This value Zanetti Inter Worst Performance

ROME - The defeat of AS Roma 0-4 to Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti absurdly growled. Il Capitano 38-year-old called it the worst performance this season Inter.
Claudio Ranieri's knowledge as a former allenatore Rome was not helpful at all. Zanetti with a big heart to admit Roma played very impressive indeed. Inter-class admitted defeat.
However, the former player who makes the Argentine club Banfield does not believe it is the inability of La Beneamata respond back. The Inter players seemed asleep during the game. Throughout the game, only to kick into the goal Nerazzurri Stakelenburg Maarten three times!
This poor performance is disputed by Zanetti. Why Inter could be that bad performance, the captain was still not understood. Zanetti said after the game, he was reluctant to talk about the course of action because it only adds to the sore wounds of defeat.
"I think this is the worst performance since the start of the season Inter, despite the fact that Roma played very well and deserves to win the match," Zanetti said as reported by the Inter Channel, Monday (06/02/2012).
"We did not even play, it was a total darkness. We can not repeat a game like today. Roma deserved praise. They hold the ball well and is able to send feedback through our defense, "said Zanetti length.
"I do not like talking about games with other players after a long whistle. We are very disappointed right now, if we start looking for more things to hurt yourself then it will only worsen the situation, "said Zanetti.


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