Thursday, December 1, 2011

Newcastle Determined By Chelsea Win Top Speed

NEWCASTLE - In honor of the late legend of Newcastle United, Gary Speed, victory will be declared when a determination will host Chelsea on Saturday (12/03/2011) tomorrow.
It is called by the coach, Alan Pardew told his players to perform with the best performance, so that the speed can smile in heaven, after seeing the victory of The Toon, top of the Chelsea team.
"The players we are firmly committed to winning, for the sake of honor. We just can not give guarantees, but we will strive for it, "said Pardew told Peterborough Today, Friday (12/02/2011).
Speed ​​for Newcastle, not just a figure of former captain and legend, but also noble figure, both within and outside the field. Therefore, the loss of the legend seems, is a tremendous sadness for the family of the club and fans.
"He's a great player and captain for this club. Death of Speed ​​gives us a great loss this week, "he added.
"In the practice session, the condition of the players look a little trouble, especially two days. The staff and players, not just remember him as a great player, but also a remarkable person, "said Pardew.
"Even today (, our practice sessions did not go on as usual, but hopefully with time and ahead of the approaching day of the match, we can slowly preparing us mentally," he hoped.
One of the figures of the most devastated by loss of speed, is the assistant coach John Carver. Carver has worked with Speed​​, since Carver became an assistant coach Bobby Robson at the Magpies.
"The condition of Carver is still devastated, he's very sad. Carver is very close to Gary (Speed​​). I will embrace it later and helped him focus on the game, because he's too important for this team, "complete this former Sunderland coach


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