Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ex-Prince Bernabeu Interagency Pass Schalke

Gelsenkirchen - Schalke successfully brought Raul Gonzalez 04, qualifying for the Europa League round of 32, after delivering his team win 2-1, at home to Steaua Bucuresti, in Gelsenkirchen, early today.
Yes, the former prince flick the Bernabeu, making Schalke solidify its position at the top of Group A, as well as 'buy' a ticket to qualify for the round of 32, which stood at 11 points from five matches that have been skipped.
Taps the first goal, opened the home team, headed by the head of Kyriakos Papadopoulos in the 25th minute, after receiving a cross from Jose Jurado. However, the excellence of The Royal Blues, lasted up to 7 minutes.
Steaua goal back, etched Rusescu Raul, in the 33rd minute. Goal was created Rusescu, after escape from escort players and kicking off the back of Schalke who are unable driven goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall. 1-1 score held until halftime.
High tempo game that is applied Schalke match from the outset, no slack, in the last minute of the second half. The first chance of the host, occurred in the 54th minute, through the action of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. However, the striker nicknamed The Hunter is, failed to take advantage of turmoil that occurred in front of goal.
Barrage of attacks carried out Schalke's second goal finally bear fruit. This time through the feet of the captain, Raul Gonzalez. Bomber nicknamed El Angel de Madrid, maximize scrimmage in front of goal.
Huntelaar who had been due to kick the ball towards goal, and to deceive the goalkeeper Raul disontek to bear fruit in the 57th minute. As a result, goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu must pick up the ball a second time from the nest.
Schalke who seemed not satisfied with a 2-1 victory, kept pounding the Romanian deputy defense. As the opportunities Papadopoulos in the 70th minute. Similar to his first goal that originated from a cross Jurado, Papadopoulos failed this time the ball to the correct destination. Header was deviated to the upper crossbar.
Steaua coach, Ilie Stan incorporate some type of attacking players in the middle of the second half, with hope, can reply back or even behind the home team ahead.
However, until the referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz Spaniard blew the long whistle, the score remained 2-1 to Schalke 04 excellence.
Probable teams:Schalke 04: Unnerstall, Fuchs, Papadopoulos, Jones, Baumjohann / Draxler (65 '), Jurado, Holtby / Moritz (78'), Matip, Hoeger, Raul, Huntelaar / Marica (83 ')
Steaua Bucuresti: Tatarusanu, Latovlevici / Prepelita (68 '), Geraldo Alves, Iliev, Martinovic, Bicfalvi, Brandan, Tanase, Bourceanu, Costea / Rosu (88'), Rusescu / Nikolic (69 ')


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