Sunday, February 5, 2012

Risen from the Grave Red Devils!

LONDON - Coming from behind 3-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United could comeback, and following the third goal for the equalizer. As a result, the Red Devils could rise from the grave and thwart efforts to secure Chelsea three points.
Originally, both teams are reluctant to lose points in the 24th matchday of this, fierce play in midfield. Making early first-half runs a lot and not many chances created.
The host had a first chance in the 20th minute, through the legs Fernando Torres. Bomber for 50 million pounds, it was not guarded and the kick off in the direction of David De Gea, darling, his shot was deviated to the left of De Gea.
United's 'turn' has a golden opportunity in the 29th minute. Wayne Rooney is out of the trap off side, could release the bait horizontally toward the goal. Antonio Valencia was ready to cheat. But Branislav Ivanovic is able to cut it and failed attempt was the Red Devils.
The opening goal for the Blues newborn in the 36th minute, but not the result of the Chelsea players, but an own goal by United defender Jonny Evans. Starting from Daniel Sturridge on the left of goalkeeper De Gea, who then intends to give feedback to the middle. Unfortunately, the ball was hitting the body of Evans and bounced into the goal itself. Change the scoreboard 1-0 to Chelsea until well into the break.
Chelsea kicked off United's defense since the first minute of the second half. Even the hosts already 2-0 in the 46th minute. Fernando Torres sent a long ball into the far goalpost United. United defender also missed watching Juan Mata, who with a first-time free kick to the goalkeeper De Gea.
Red Devils were surprised by a quick goal in the second half. To the extent that the Red Devils had to re-break-out Chelsea's third goal at minute 51 of printed defender David Luiz who perform overlapping
Starting from an assist to the defense of the Red Devils, who had been waiting Luiz bait, the ball toward the goal. Despite Rio Ferdinand had hit the shoulder, but the ball still rolled into the nest De Gea.
United can only minimize the circumstances in the 58th minute. Earlier in the 57th minute, Daniel Sturridge who manage Patrice Evra in the penalty box, forcing referee Howard Webb pointed to the spot.
Execution of the twelve shots were acted Wayne Rooney fit to go steady. After a few seconds to choose the target. Finally, hard shot was fired and deceived Cech. Rooney released the ball hard, rushing to the right of goalkeeper Cech, while international goalkeeper Rep. Ceska it moves in the opposite direction. United are still lagging behind 1-3.
Mental United back up and keep pressing the host. The result, white dots re-appointed Webb, after Ivanovic commits an offense against Welbeck - the real smells of diving, in the 68th minute.
Wazza - greeting Rooney again advanced into the United penalty executioner. With a steady, Wazza again outwit Cech, when fired the penalty into the left Cech, Cech while moving in the wrong direction. United following a 2-3 start.
Now, turn Chelsea is like a panic. But Chelsea returned to spread threats in the 76th minute. Michael Essien who had the fire, was long thought to drive the ball hard against United. But De Gea is still able to block it up over the crossbar.
Fernando Torres had a golden opportunity, when able to break through United's defense in the 77th minute. Torres is already past Jonny Evans, only real shot at De Gea, but the trigger loses momentum and Torres gugurlan golden opportunity.
United's winning mentality should be praised to the skies, the article of the Red Devils back ripped the nets Chelsea in the 84th minute. Through feedback from Ryan Giggs sodoran, Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández was able to convert chances into goals with a header that Cech could not be stopped. Score again at 3-3.
Chelsea still has not run out of chances to back ahead. In minute 90 '+1, Juan Mata almost free kick goal to fruition, if only De Gea not do brilliant rescue. 3-3 score lasted until the final end.
Teams: Chelsea: Petr Cech, Gary Cahill, Jose Bosingwa, Branislav Ivanovic, David Luiz, Florent Malouda, Michael Essien, Raul Meireles, Fernando Torres, Daniel Sturridge / Oriol Romeu (70 '), Juan Mata
Manchester United: David De Gea, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Rafael da Silva / Paul Scholes (64 '), Jonny Evans, Michael Carrick, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young / Javier Hernández (53'), Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck / Park Ji-Sung (85 ')


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