Sunday, February 12, 2012

Print Ronaldo Goal-4000 to La Liga

MADRID - Cristiano Ronaldo was double happiness. In addition to helping his team win a landslide victory over Levante 4-2 through hattricknya, Ronaldo is also listed as a goal scorer to-4000 La Liga.

Ronaldo shine when El Levante Real complete revenge for their defeat in the first meeting then. Madrid's merciless gold scored three of which Ronaldo scored. A Karim Benzema scored another goal.

Apparently, one of the three goals are the goals Ronaldo-4000 La Liga. Ronaldo fulfills the goal to-4000 created on stage at La Liga scoring his third goal in the 56th minute kick 'spear' deadly.

Not only recorded goals-4000 La Liga, gelontoran trigol Ronaldo this time that the record is done since the costumed-13 Los Blancos in 2009.

Ronaldo impressive performance in this match also led El Real getting way ahead of Barca's eternal rival in the title race this season. Madrid, who collected 58 points, 10 points ahead of the ruling League in three seasons


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