Monday, February 13, 2012

Pep: Barca No Time to Give Up

BARCELONA - Barcelona must be satisfied to lose 3-2 away to Osasuna in the advanced headquarters of La Liga, last week. The defeat saw the dream of El Barca win the title a little inhibited. However, coach Josep Guardiola was reluctant to give up at this time.

Keep in mind, the distance to the eternal rivals Barcelona, Real Madrid are ten points. El Real success tops the standings with 58 points today. Therefore, Pep are ready to win the next game and managed to shift from the Madrid summit.

Although, the point is quite difficult to be chased by Barca. However, Pep reluctant to give up the hunt for La Liga title this season and he will return the focus to the next game match.

"In fact there are currently wide enough distance between us and Real Madrid. However, we will continue to fight until the end of this competition. Currently we only want to play the next game as good as possible, "said Pep as reported by Marca.

Although, he was reluctant to throw in the towel on domestic competition, he nevertheless wanted the focus to the league Champiosn. He wants his team to retain Champions League title this season.

"Today we will seek to retain the Champions League title. We should have to defend our position quite well in the Champions League. Then, we'll get back to playing with both opponents Valencia this weekend, "he concluded.

"Now we will try to defend Champions League title. We must maintain our position in the Champions League and played well against Valencia at the weekend (20/02/2012)."


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