Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baresi Criticism Related Mourinho Position Ramos

MILAN - Jose Mourinho has again criticized its policies in developing strategies related to Real Madrid. This time, the criticism comes from the legendary Italian defender Franco Baresi.

In a statement this time, Baresi admitted if he slightly regrets his decision in the policy-related Mourinho puts players. In this case, Baresi Mou criticized more often put Sergio Ramos on the right side of defense.

According to the Italian national team mainstay back in the era of 1982-1994, Ramos Mou should play in central defense, because he is exactly what the ideal position for him.

"He (Ramos) had a better quality that makes it different (from other defender). And for this reason, he can play in several positions, "Baresi said as quoted by Marca on Wednesday (08/02/2012).

"But, I prefer to see it (Ramos) play in the middle: here (central defender), he played like a champion. He's very tough when playing in central defense, "continued Ramos suggested that paired with Pepe in central defense.

Furthermore, the former AC Milan defender and captain also did not cover his admiration with Ramos. Baresi even dare to claim back 25 years when this is one of the world's best defender.

"I like players who have a strong character in the field. Indeed, it is true there will be other players who will shine, but Sergio has shown its quality now, "added the man who 51 years last September had been to Indonesia.

Throughout his career in football, is a figure known Baresi tough defender. Baresi spent 20 years of his career only to AC Milan and playing as many as 719 games and gives three Champions League trophies. (


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