Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AVB: Please Be patient Waiting Goals El Nino

LONDON - As there is no tired Andre Villas-Boas pairs of bodies in front of the critics who often attacked Fernando Torres. Villas-Boas hoped, the public be more patient waiting for a goal from Torres is barren of more than 1000 minutes this season.

Villas-Boas willing to El NiƱo, because although it had not scored too many goals, the Spanish international striker often provide valuable contributions other kinds of attacks creations, assist brilliant and the action is capable of breaking the opponent's defense, so that other colleagues are free to convert opportunities into goals.

"For me everything is normal, please have patience, he still takes time," says Villas-Boas reasoned, as disitat Goal, Thursday (02/02/2012).

"The belief that he was being re-grow and we are very confident with it. He helped the team with the acceleration and a pass and this situation will we continue to create a victory in our fight-fight, "he added.

Patience may be a limit, especially West London public was well aware Torres purchased with exorbitant prices. Might be equated with logic, where a striker is not on duty to give feedback, but scored a goal!.

An expensive bomber, of achievements should be a fantastic banderolnya and the public do not want to know ya proven quality striker with a lot of goals, not the many times she gives feedback


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