Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Already Sick of Mourinho in Madrid

MADRID - Jose Mourinho's future at Real Madrid lately become less clear. In fact, Mourinho reportedly been sick in Madrid and Real Madrid are ready to pull out of next summer.
In recent years, Mourinho is kept exposed to the issue would leave the Santiago Bernabeu. The Portuguese coach is reportedly already can not stand the pressure obtained from the media and fans of El Real, so plan to leave Real Madrid at the end of this season.
And under her care, this time successfully led Madrid La Liga and seven points ahead of his eternal rival, Barcelona. However, this tersbeut not make him feel comfortable to stay in Madrid. Rumors will move and the internal conflict on his team, is rumored to have made the former Chelsea coach was sick.
It was immediately led to speculation that he will soon go from El Real. Reportedly he will return to the Premier League next summer.
"Jose (Mourinho) has been feeling sick and tired of the situation that occurred in Madrid. There is no problem he will win this season or not. It's not just about money, "explains the closest Mourinho told The Sunday Times quoted ESPN, Tuesday (31/01/2012).
"He has decided to return to England and he will soon leave this summer," added the source who declined to be named.

Recently a new speculation. As quoted in the Sunday Mirror, Mourinho reportedly eyeing the chair seat coach Roberto Mancini at Manchester City.

Mancini conditions in the City known to the middle depressed following the failure of City won titles in two arena, namely the FA Cup and Carling Cup. Now, allenatore Italian is expected to provide two titles in the event, namely the Premier League and Europa League.


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