Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zambia 2012 African Nations Cup Champion

Libreville - Zambia Extraordinary! The team nicknamed Chipolopolo alias Copper Bullets ultimately go on to win the 2012 African Nations Cup final after beating Ivory Coast 0-0 (8-7) on penalties.
This title is the first African Cup of Zambia after the 1974 and 1994 they failed in the final. Chipolopolo happiness was more complete when their striker, Christopher Katongo was named the tournament's best player and striker Emmanuel Mayuka defined as the top scorer with three goals.
This title seemed to be the top surprises of the style team coach, Herve Renard looks more like a movie star. In the group stage they get rid of Senegal and in the semifinals to set aside their spirit Ghana.Bermodalkan 1993 when the plane tragedy that killed 18 players in Libreville, Zambia was playing trengginas and resilient in the final.
In the final match at the Stadio D'Angondje, Libreville, Gabon, both teams could only draw 0-0 scoreless for 90 minutes of normal time and 30 minutes of extra time. In the 70th minute, Didier Drogba is actually likely to bring the Ivory Coast led the first time gained a penalty but unfortunately the execution was even soar far above the goal to Zambia.
Failure should be paid handsomely for it until the fight was over Ivory Coast failed to make a single goal. The match must be continued until any penalties. Tosan in round-tos, the Ivory Coast's turn first kicker.
Ivory Coast 1-0 Zambia. Ivory Coast midfielder, Cheick Tiote successfully carry out their duties properly. Successful kick outwit Mweene.
Ivory Coast 1-1 Zambia. Zambia striker and captain, Christopher Katongo equalized when the horizontal kick to the right can not be read Barry who stuck in the middle.
Ivory Coast 2-1 Zambia. Ivory Coast midfielder, Bony Wilfried returned with his team ahead after the execution to the left side of the sinking smoothly.
Ivory Coast 2-2 Zambia. Ivory Coast attacker, Mayuka managed to score again at the penalty into the net after Barry.
Ivory Coast 3-2 Zambia. Ivory Coast defender, Souleymane Bamba came close to failing at the first execution that failed must be repeated because Mweene moves first. Penalty was re-executed without error Bamba and sank into.
Ivory Coast 3-3 Zambia. Zambia midfielder Isaac Chansa successful penalty calmly to the left of Barry and bring Zambia back to equalize.
Ivory Coast 4-3 Zambia. Ivory Coast attacker, Max Gradel success netted perfectly into the left corner of Ivory Coast Mweene and bring back ahead.
Ivory Coast 4-4 Zambia. Zambia midfielder who is also the younger brother of captain Cris Katongo, Felix Katongo successfully carry out their duties properly when the penalty into the left corner of Barry came in and made the score back together.
Ivory Coast 5-4 Zambia. Drogba be the last kicker Ivory Coast before entering sudden death and this time its execution to the top right corner Mweene go perfectly to bring his team back ahead.
Ivory Coast 5-5 Zambia. The last execution Zambia should go if you want to force sudden death penalty and those who execute this determination is the keeper! Yes, Mweene himself who took the penalty kick to the left of this and managed to outwit Barry to return the equalizer to force sudden death at the same time.
Ivory Coast 6-5 Zambia. Ivory Coast wing-back, Siaka Tiene successful penalty perfectly into the top left corner and put his side back ahead.
Ivory Coast 6-6 Zambia. Zambia midfielder, Nathan Sinkala prosecuted should go if you want to impose the following penalties. She looked tense and execution, but the ball bounced almost finally sank into the left corner of the goal and Zambia Barry went back to equalize.
Ivory Coast 7-6 Zambia. Ivory Coast midfielder Didier Ya Konan with a perfect penalty into the top corner Barry and The Elephants went back to excel.
Ivory Coast 7-7 Zambia. Zambia winger, Chisamba Lungu again managed to impose a penalty kick to continue beyond the lower left corner of goalkeeper Barry Chipolopolo went back in and evened the score.
Ivory Coast 7-7 Zambia. Ivory Coast defender Kolo Toure who had scored in a penalty shootout in the 2006 African Nations Cup final against Egypt this time it failed. Square ancangnya far even ends with a poor execution and shot to the left of the goalkeeper Mweene successfully read. Score remained the same.
Ivory Coast 7-7 Zambia. Zambia has a great opportunity to win the African Nations Cup when the execution of this entry. However, Zambia midfielder, Rainford Kalaba fails. Execution will soar to the top goalkeeper Barry! Score remained unchanged.
Ivory Coast 7-7 Zambia. Ivory Coast striker, Gervinho became a prisoner of his team. Failure of execution that extends into the left side to make Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene the upper hand. Score has not changed.
Ivory Coast 7-8 Zambia. And sure enough. Zambia-back execution, Stophira Sunzu sank smoothly into the goalkeeper Boubacar Barry, making Zambia out as the new African Nations Cup champions.
The composition of players:
Zambia (4-4-2): 16-Mweene; 4-Musonda (Mulenga 23-11 '(10-Felix Katongo 74')), 6-Nkausu, 13-Sunzu, 5-Himonde; 8-Chansa, 17 - Kalaba, 19-Sinkala, 3-Lungu; 11-Christopher Katongo, 20-Mayuka.Substitute: 1-Kakonje, 22-Titima, 15-Chintu, 2-Kasonde, 14-Chivuta, 21-Sakuwaha, 9-Mbesuma, 12-Chamanga, 18-Kangwa.
Côte d'Ivoire (4-2-3-1): 1-Barry; 6-Gosso, 4-Kolo Toure, 22-Bamba, 17-Tiene; 5-Zokora (13-Konan 75 '), 9-Tiote; 10 - Gervinho, 19-Yaya Toure (12-Bony 86 '), 8-Kalou (15-Gradel 63'); 11-Drogba.Reserve players: 16-Yeboah, 23-Gnahouan, 3-Boka, 21-Eboue, 20-Lolo, 14-Coulibaly, 18-Keita, 7-Doumbia


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